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stop overbuilding & Overspending on scifS

When preparing a SCIF for accreditation, you only have on shot to ensure it's accredited on time and on budget.

That can be stressful. Especially when you don’t have an expert on staff to ensure you’re not overbuilding for your requirements. Missing accreditation criteria, buildouts going over budget, or missed deadlines are also real concerns.

With over 30 years of SCIF design, construction, and installation experience, CUSI Construction can provide you with the project management, labor, and consultation you need to ensure accreditation on time and on budget.

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“We understand the balance it take to build to the intent of SCIF guidelines and requirements without overbuilding. Other partners in the SCIF construction world spare no expense to maximize margins. These companies often turn to CUSI Construction to do the actual facility build while collecting 30% or more gross margin. Our team of expert project managers and skilled tradesmen eliminate this margin stacking while providing the same assurance of accreditation.”

Craig kalie
cusi construction ceo


Our design team creates a comprehensive plan that ensures your SCIF meets accreditation criterial without additional elements that only add to the budget and timeline.

We’ll finalize the Construction Security Plan (CSP), Initial Fixed Facility Checklist (FFC) and TEMPEST Form A in this phase.


Our SCIF-Compliant construction meets or exceeds all federal guidelines. Have been part of over 400 SCIF certification, we build secure facilities according to the “Tech Specs” referenced in the Intelligence Community Directive (ICD) 705.

Only if required by your program will we suggest building additional security features.


Once construction has begun, installing electrical, low voltage, and other security systems follow.

Your single point of contact ensures supplies, equipment, and the labor for your project are where it needs to be when it needs to be there – no more worrying whether or not your contractor has everything under control.


Upon completion of the construction and installation, SSO receives the final FFC and TEMPEST Form B for review. The SSO will conduct a walk-through of the facility to conduct a comprehensive risk management review.

Then finally, acceptance of the entire “accreditation package” will be the last step in getting the certification needed for your SCIF.

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